Mounting height – Motion sensor should be mounted 2m to 2.2m above the floor. Mount the bracket with the Adhesive pads or screws provided. Fit the motion sensor in the bracket and set the direction of the detection range of the motion sensor.

  1. Do not install the PIR Motion sensor outdoors or on glass.
  2. PIR Motion Sensor cannot detect motion through glass if someone is moving outside a window but it can give false alerts from outside motion so do not direct towards a window from inside.
  3. Do not install in places where the PIR Motion Sensor could get wet.
  4. Do not install the PIR Motion Sensor within 1 meter of a heat source such as an electric heater, heat vent or fireplace or a source that may produce turbulent air.
  5. Do not install the PIR Motion Sensor behind large appliances or furniture that may obstruct its motion sensors.