Set a Safe Zone for the watch and when the watch exits or enters the Safe Zone, depending on your chosen setting, you will receive a notification through the App.

To set a SafeZone select Watches and click the watch to open the map screen. Click the SafeZone button on the top right of the screen, and click the + symbol.

Type in a name for your SafeZone and select whether you are notified if the watch enters the SafeZone or if the watch exits the SafeZone.

With you finger on the black dot, move the dot outwards from the lowest setting of 500 meter radius. To reach the widest setting of 2,000 meter radius you need to remove your finger from the dot when you reach the edge of your screen to allow the map to zoom out and then repeat the process to reach the radius you wish to set.

If you wish to set a SafeZone in a location that is not where the watch is currently, which is indicated by the blue pin, move the map screen to the location you want and the pin with the SafeZone outline will move to that location.

Click Save to save your SafeZone

Note, if you wish to set a Safe Zone in a location not displayed on the screen, such as a long distance from the current location, pinch the map smaller until you see the area or country you require and then pinch the screen again to zoom in on the location you require.

If you have set several Safe Zones, the Safe Zone list will be shown in Safe Zones.  Tap the Safe Zone on screen once to modify.  Press the Safe Zone on screen for 3 seconds to delete the Safe Zone.


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