Firstly, power on the sensors.

Open the back of the Door/Window sensor and turn on the sensor using the black switch below the battery and refit the back.

Once all sensors in the box have been powered on, they will automatically be paired and added to your App. (Tap on Accessories, to check the alarms that have automatically paired)

If this does not happen, please see separate instructions below to manually add each sensor and any other additional sensors and alarms you may have purchased that were not included in the box.

Pairing your Door / Window Alarm Sensor

Ensure the Base Station is plugged in and turned on.

STEP 1. At your device home screen in the App tap Accessories > +, then the base station goes into the pairing/sniffer mode with all indicators blinking.

STEP 2. Trigger the wireless Door/Window alarm sensor that you wish to add to send a transmission signal to the base station before its 20 second sniffer countdown expires, once paired the base station emits a sound.

To trigger a Door/Window alarm sensor for pairing – Start with the sensor and magnet closely aligned, then separate them until the blue light comes on.