Easy to manage the contacts through the WatchOvers App, giving the parent/carer control on who can call the watch and who the watch can call, keeping your loved ones safe from unsolicited callers.  These numbers can be updated and changed as often as you like.

There is one Master Guardian of a watch and this master guardian allows access to the watch to sub- guardians.  Simply put, the first person to add the watch to the App on their smart phone, automatically becomes the Master Guardian of that watch and can then give access/permission to several sub guardians (family members, grand parents, siblings, child minders etc).  The master guardian controls the settings and contact numbers for the watch, whilst sub guardians can access the location map and set safe zones for the watch.

All settings and changes are updated instantly with no long delays or difficult settings.

Emergency numbers:

Three Primary numbers can be set that the wearer can call for help by pressing the SOS dialling button for 3 seconds in case of an emergency.

The watch will dial these 3 numbers one by one, twice.  An SOS notification message will also be sent to everyone that has that watch paired to the App.  The watch will stop dialing once the call as been connected to any of the numbers.

Emergency numbers







Friend’s  numbers:   

5 additional numbers can be set which are allowed to call the watch and the watch can call them.  The list of friends’ numbers will be displayed by pressing the dialling button once, one press at a time to scroll down. Select the highlighted number and press the dialling button for 3 seconds to dial that number.

Friends numbers









Silent Monitoring Numbers:  

The silent monitoring numbers and SOS number / friends numbers can be the same.  If your mobile number is set as a monitoring number only (not an SOS or friend number) when you dial from your phone, it will make a silent monitoring call and when you press “call” in the App, it will also make a silent monitoring call.

If your mobile number is set as both a silent monitoring number and an SOS or Friends number, when you dial from your phone, it will activate a normal 2 way call, but when you press “call” in the App, it will only make a silent monitoring call.

Silent monitoring numbers