Safe Zones also known as Geo Fencing allows you to set outdoor virtual boundaries on a map to create Safe Zones for your loved one. Set a Safe Zone such as from your house to their school or the shops and can be setup by date.

If your loved one enters or leaves a Safe Zone, you will receive an alert through the App on your mobile phone.  Safe Zones can be set for either entering or exiting areas.

The SafeZone radius can be set between 500 and 2,000 meters. The minimum radius of 500 meters will give you accurate outdoor alerts as the technology is developed to work with GPS technology.  If the wearer goes indoors, the LBS is not as accurate as GPS  and therefore can result in false alert notifications being sent.*

*The watch location is updated every 20 minutes and any SafeZone boundary alerts are updated at the same time.  Opening the location map will also send any alerts that are waiting to be sent.