With our SOS Emergency call, Help is on hand with a one button press that automatically calls and sends alerts notifications to up to 3 pre-set numbers.

When the button on the Liberty is pressed for 3 seconds, the Liberty sends an emergency call to the 3 emergency numbers pre set by the parent or guardian within the WatchOvers App on their mobile phone. It will continue to call until the call is answered or a voicemail is left. It will also send an alert notification to each of the 3 pre set emergency numbers simultaneously, so all 3 emergency contacts will be notified of the SOS emergency call straight away, while monitoring the watch’s position/location every sixty seconds for the next 10 minutes.

Each of the emergency contacts should ensure they say “YES’ to receiving notifications from the App when setting up the account. Best practice is to have the settings for Notification Setup and Type set to ON within the App so that each time they receive a notification from the watch their phone should make a sound and also vibrate (once these setting are set in the ON position.

Emergency numbers