Make Calls To and From your Liberty Watch as it is a mobile phone. Call the Liberty and talk directly to your loved one.  Enjoy clear conversations with an easy one press dial and answer button giving your loved ones an extra bit of confidence and sense of security when they are not with you.

The Liberty Watch Phone can make and receive calls to and from up to 10 pre set telephone numbers. No need for any additional mobile phones or devices, the Liberty is a stand-alone phone. With one press of a button your loved one can call you quickly and easily.  The Watch comes with its’ own sim card and phone number. A key safety feature is caller screening allowing only your chosen numbers to call or be called from the watch.

Making a Call from the watch

The list of numbers will be displayed by pressing the silver dialing button once, one press at a time to scroll down. Select the highlighted number and press the dialing button for 3 seconds to dial that number.

Only phone numbers that you have pre-set in the App are allowed to call the watch and will be the phone numbers that will be listed in the watch that the watch can call.

Making calls