The Alarm allows you select a time and date at which time the alarm will be received by the watch.  Set the alarm clock for the watch from the App and the alarm will be received by the watch at the appointed time.

You can also use this alarm feature to send a short text messages or reminder alarms to the watch at pre-set times such as “Dinner is Ready” or “Doctors at 4pm”. This is a one way messaging function for the parent/guardian to discreetly get in touch without calling.

In watches, Click the Person Symbol on the top right of the App screen. Press on the watch you want to edit and then scroll down to the Set Alarm button.  Press the button, name your alarm event (you have 20 characters max), set the time and date and click “OK” to save your alarm. The alarm will be received at the appointed time and date with the alarm event name appearing on the watch.  The watch will ring and or vibrate depending on your settings for this watch.

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